Case Study

BBC First Benelux

Defining a
Brand Purpose on Social

The BBC is known around the world and its shows are some of the best – so there’s a perception that handling its social media platforms must be a piece of cake.

It’s an easy mistake to make. Yes the BBC is a beloved entity and beacon of quality around the world, but outside the UK it has so many different missions that it can be challenging to find a clear message..

In the Netherlands and Belgium we work with BBC First, a channel that brings together the very best of cozy British Crime along with other high-end drama (from other British channels) as well as a curated selection of edgy titles that appeal to a younger audience. It’s our job to bring all these elements together in a way that differentiates the channel from other BBC offerings, showcases the range without alienating the core audience and connects the thoroughly British sensibility with an international social community.


Channel Diversity

Our biggest challenge is showcasing the broad range of shows available on BBC First. We’re cherry picking the fan favourites to spark conversation, testing and learning from the current linear priorities and foregrounding edgier shows.

Our aim is to bring in younger viewers in order to diversify the audience without sacrificing engagement.

We’re not alone

BBC First is not the only BBC Channel in the region. We need to publicise ourselves and our shows in ways that connect with the viewers and develop a distinct and vibrant BBC First community.

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social impressions
social engagements

Staying Relevant

Finding ways to connect in a broad European market with specific quirks is hard enough.

When you’re trying to do it with quintessentially British content you need to find the things that resonate with the most people. Luckily we’re really good at getting under people’s skin.

Community Management

Our fans are our favourite. We don’t just wait around for them to chat to us – we find ways to start those conversations.

Top Fans

When you’ve got such an engaged audience it would be stupid not to reach out to them to talk about all the ways we can do better.

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