Cast Study

Fresh Fitness Food

Promoting Health and Fitness
During a Crisis.

We worked with the London-based bespoke nutrition provider Fresh Fitness Food (FFF) to grow awareness of the brand and promote health and fitness across the UK – while a global pandemic put the world on lockdown.

Our goal was to show the community that even though we’re stuck indoors, we were going to be there to support them as they continued their fitness journey. We did this through bringing influencers and ambassadors to the forefront, providing information and promoting our authority in the industry, as well as creating social content (remotely) that focussed on the value of fresh fuel for workouts.

Our aim was to make the audience aware of what we do, to ultimately drive increased sales and bring down the cost of customer acquisition.

Pandemic Priorities

When everything changed in March our aim was to bring the community together – to reach out and reassure people that they were not alone.

Building Awareness
and Driving Sales

Following this, our approach was to turn followers into engaged fans, and engaged fans into consumers.

decrease in CPA
social impressions
social engagements

Product & Proposition Content

Working with FFF’s team of experts, their range of brand ambassadors and our own team’s expertise we developed content strands that showcased the brand’s reputation and credentials in the world of nutrition and fitness.

Activating Ambassadors

During the first UK lockdown we used existing brand ambassadors to get our gym-loving-audience involved in staying active and motivated whilst working out from home.

We created authentic, motivational, and promotional films and content that helped increase engagement by 120% in the first few weeks of the campaign.


In autumn 2020, we created an influencer campaign with 40 of the UK’s top fitness influencers to showcase how FFF saved them time through their busy days.

Our key social activation went live in conjunction with the launch of Instagram Reels and drove an increase of organic video views of over 45K from the previous month.

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