Wilderness Agency
gets a home.

Posted 10.03.19

It’s the start of the New Year and we are excited to move into our new home with our new brand.

“The move to our Wilderness Agency London HQ last week felt like a real milestone.

I believe that you can create an agency that clients get excited to be pitched to, and that they value working with. That you can build a team who are inspired by those around them. That you can care about your team and still make a profit. That you can create a culture that everyone can be proud to play a part in.” – Tom Jarvis, Founder of Wilderness

Our amazing team of digital strategists and content producers have doubled in size in the last year and this space gives us a chance to continue growing and developing.

We are all excited about where the next stage of this journey will take us. Come and say hi and have a cup of tea. Find us here.